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Jonah Group

To help Jonah Group expand their offices, Agnieszka worked on construction of a new loft space in 

downtown Toronto. The 1,600 square foot area was converted from small suites to an open 

concept office. Agnieszka was involved in a role of an Interior Designer and Project Manager and led a 

team of Engineers, an Architect and a GC thru renovation. She created Construction Drawings,

filed for permits, reviewed millwork drawings and oversaw construction from start to finish

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Jonah Group/ 3 Pillar Global

The third office renovation for Jonah Group/ 3 Pillar Global involved consolidation and

reconstruction of the existing space and creating a more comfortable environment by 

adding offices, small meeting areas and open concept seating. Agnieszka's involvement was from

start to finish and it included: meeting with the client to determine staff needs, drawing 

new plans, creating renderings, contract documents, hiring consultants, filing for permits, 

reviewing consultant drawings, coordinating trades, overseeing work, selecting finishes and 

closing out the project.

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