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LOFT Kitchen Renovation Project WINS 2nd Place in the Global Design Kitchen Competition

With more than 300 compelling designs submitted from more than 15 countries and three winners from Luxembourg, France, and the United Kingdom adding to a fantastic number of national placements, the 2016 Global Kitchen Design competition has been a tremendous success. Both the winners and competition were rewarded with wide coverage by the media, regional press, and a strong distribution on social media. LEICHT will now tie this success to a revised concept in 2017, inviting all designers and architects to submit their LEICHT kitchen projects for the competition. The deadline for submissions is September 17th, 2017.


The NEXT WORK Environment Competition

As COVID-19 arrived and imposed an immediate threat to our health, we realized that in order to regain our economy and livelihoods, we will need to seek new ways of carrying out our daily routines. The previously mundane process of arriving at the office and working at our desks or having a package delivered became slightly more intricate as we are slowly returning to work.

In the summer of 2020, ACA Design Studio partnered with a team of IT specialists at Jonah Group, Workplace Resources in Toronto, a Toronto Emergency Room Doctor and an Associate Professor at UHN and 2 Interior Designers to discover the challenges and viable options for the future. The ACA DESIGN proposed solution implements the HIVE BOOKING SYSTEM, which will allow for office desk reservations, scheduling a meeting using shared office resources, booking an appointment, arranging for a package pick-up or delivery, and even ordering coffee. All of these actions will be performed by an employee with the help of the HIVE mobile app. In addition, the app will implement a daily temperature scan, keep track of your daily meetings, and integrate that information with other corporate enterprise systems through an API (Application Programming Interface).